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The Devil's Hour Web Series Review | The Devil's Hour (2022) Review

The Devil's Hour Web Series Review | The Devil's Hour (2022) Review

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Amazon Prime Video has released its brand new thriller drama show The Devil's Hour without much promotion. The Devil's Hour is a British show which has a total of 6 episodes and the length of each episode is about 1 hour. If we talk about language, then The Devil's Hour series has been released with 2 languages English and Hindi.

If we talk about the story, then the story of The Devil's Hour series revolves around a female character named Lucy Chambers who has a lot of strange things going on in her life. Every night a strange incident happens to Lucy Chambers, under which Lucy Chambers wakes up automatically every night at exactly 03:33. You will have to watch this series to know what is going on in the life of Lucy Chambers and why Lucy Chambers wakes up every night at 03:33.

If you're looking for a show whose mystery will surprise you a lot, then The Devil's Hour is just for you. Although it is a thriller show but in this show you will get to see a combination of genres like Mystery, Psychological thriller, Crime drama, Horror, and Sci-fi apart from Thriller.

The screenplay of this series is a bit complex, due to which you have to maintain your focus while watching the series or else you will get confused. If we talk about mystery, then in this series you will get to see the tremendous mystery that means you are going to get many big surprises which will shock you.

The climax of this series is very good, after watching which you will get answers to almost all your questions, although there are some questions whose answers you will not get in the climax, which means that you will get the answers to those questions in season 2.

All the characters present in the series have been presented very well due to which you will be able to connect well with the characters. If we talk about some great performances, then Benjamin Chivers as Isaac has done tremendous acting, apart from this, actor Peter Capaldi, who plays Gideon's character, has also given a great performance and if we talk about Jessica Raine, who plays the character of Lucy, then Jessica Raine is also able to impress us.

If we talk about negative points, then some jump scares have been added in this series to add an element of horror which is average because those jump scares do not manage to scare you. The beginning of the series is very slow, due to which if you are used to watching fast-paced movies or series, then this series may find you a bit boring in the beginning.

Overall The Devil's Hour is a great series that you can definitely watch once. If we talk about parental guidelines, then you will get to see some intimate scenes in this show.

Rating: 3.5/5

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