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Underworld Gang Wars Expected Release Date

Underworld Gang Wars Expected Release Date

Image via: Mayhem Studios 

If you are excited about the upcoming mobile game Underworld Gang Wars and want to know when this game is going to be released then this article is for you, because in this article we will give you complete information about Underworld Gang Wars game and we will also tell you when this game can be released.

Underworld Gang Wars is a battle royale game developed by Mayhem Studios. If you do not know, then let us tell you that Mayhem Studios is an Indian game development company which means Underworld Gang Wars is an Indian game.

Mayhem Studios has given a completely Indian touch to the Underworld Gang Wars game because the map present in the Underworld Gang Wars game is inspired by popular Indian locations, apart from this, the vehicles created in this game are also exactly the same as the type of vehicles seen in India. Apart from the locations and vehicles, you will also get to see the Indian touch in the weapons present in this game.

This game is based on gang war i.e. in this game you will get to see a war between two underworld gangs Bhokal Toli and Velvets. When you start the game, you will have to join one of the gangs of Bhokal Toli and Velvets, when you choose one of the gangs, you will be able to use the emote of that gang.

Now if we talk about the map, then when this game is released, then only one map will be seen in this game named Dhantara. Dhantara is a very big map and a river passes through the middle of this map. The river passing through the middle of the Dhantara map divides this map into two parts. One part of the map is occupied by Bhokal Toli and the other part is occupied by Velvets.

Now that we have given you all the information about Underworld Gang Wars, then this question must be coming to your mind that when is this game going to be released? At present, the exact release date of this game is not revealed, but according to the developers, this game can be released in early 2023, that is, you can get to see this game in the first quarter of 2023.

This was some important information related to the game Underworld Gang Wars. Did you like this information? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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