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O o o o shining like a star
Re papa papa pa pa pa hmm

Aagasam baagaakkum manna keeliye
Yekandha yevolo vanna keeliye
Neenavin meenayin andha keeliye
Mainakkal kaikokkum manja keeliye

Theechettum theera ra neela vaaname
Pathratil vaaraya pancha bhoothame
Pancha bhoothame
Vaa maccha vaazhakka intha vaazhkkaiye

Sogathil azhathaan neram ilaye
Anubhavi anubhavi anubhavi kaathodu
Siragadi siragadi siragadi koothaadi
Marupadi marupadi marupadi
Suthi vanthu mela keezha kaatturangu
Raatti naan thaan vaatti intha

Baramadi baramadi baramadi
Bara bara bara
Niramadi niramadi niramadi nirabari
Gilinani gilinani gilinani uragaminge
Samamani samamani samamani yaakume

O ho ho o shining like a star

Re papa papa pa pa pa
Like a moving star
We are the brightest team
Sha la lala la
Sha la lala la
No matter where you from or
Who you are
1 2 3 4
Atumma solle thatti tatta likki untatun
Potumma naal kutt patta latt macchanak
Utthuma scene putt chikki mukki chippayiki
Yethimma thanno rando
Thatti putta ganna buch re

Nallima nalli nalli thalli kutt kottha malli
Ballimma palli palli pallavetam palla modi
Dhanilla velli velli koora potta kuttumalli
Votta ninnu potta potta chandana chandana dhee

We are the brightest
We are the brightest
We are the brightest
We are the future
We are rigorous
We are the shakers
We are the brightest
We are the brightest

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