Sumeru City 100% Exploration Genshin Impact

Sumeru City 100% Exploration Genshin Impact

If you are looking for a useful guide about (Sumeru City 100% Exploration Genshin Impact) then you are reading the right article, because in this article we have embedded an amazing youtube video related to this topic which will prove to be very useful for you.

Sumeru City 100% Exploration Genshin Impact video. Sumeru City 100% Exploration Genshin Impact walkthrough. Leave a comment if you can't find Sumeru City 100% Exploration Genshin Impact location. 

00:00 1 Common Chest Sumeru City 
00:27 2 Radiant Spincrystal Sumeru City 
00:45 3 Common Chest Sumeru City 
01:03 4 Common Chest Sumeru City 
01:34 5 Common Chest Sumeru City 
02:00 6 Common Chest Sumeru City 
02:28 7 Sumeru City Precious Chest 1 
02:54 8 Common Chest Sumeru City 
03:34 9 Common Chest Sumeru City 
04:15 10 Sumeru City Luxurious Chest 
04:57 11 Exquisite Chest Sumeru City 
05:39 12 Common Chest Sumeru City 
06:04 13 Sumeru City Luxurious Chest 
07:29 14 Sumeru City Luxurious Chest 
08:04 15 Common Chest Sumeru City 
08:43 16 Sumeru City Precious Chest 2 
09:08 17 Common Chest Sumeru City 
09:38 18 Common Chest Sumeru City 
10:55 19 Exquisite Chest Sumeru City 
11:47 20 Rock Pile & Recless Anarana 
12:31 21 Exquisite Chest Sumeru City 
13:07 22 Exquisite Chest Sumeru City 
13:30 23 Dendroculus Sumeru City 1 
15:14 24 Secret Achievement after you collect Dendroculus 23 
15:54 25 Dendro Rings Puzzle Common Chest 
16:24 25 Sumeru City Dendroculus Avidia Forest
17:04 26 Gandha Hill Dendroculus
17:31 26 Radiant Spincrystal 78 
17:55 28 Rock Pile 20000 Mora 
18:18 29 Common Chest Sumeru City - Chintvat Ravine 
18:54 30 Rock Pile 10000 Mora 
19:15 31 Elemental Monument Common Chest Dendro Totem 
19:59 31 Rock Pile 15000 Mora 
20:15 32 Remarkable Chest Vazadaha Pool embodiment of warfare 
20:46 33 Dendroculus near Sumeru City 
21:14 34 Rock Pile Mora 
21:43 35 Exquisite Chest Sumeru City Yazadaha Pool 
22:48 36 Riddle Start 
23:30 36 Riddle Note 1 - Solution 
23:53 36 Riddle Note 2 - Solution 
24:45 36 Riddle Note 3 - Solution 
25:37 36 Riddle Note 4 - Solution 
26:11 36 Riddle Note 5 - Solution 

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