Diablo 3 Season 27 Complete Leveling Guide for All Classes

Diablo 3 Season 27 Complete Leveling Guide for All Classes

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Diablo 3 Season 27 Complete Leveling Guide for All Classes

00:00 Intro
00:28 Challenge Rift, Town Prep & Kanai's Cube 
04:30 Gambling & Upgrading Demo
11:40 Barbarian (2H Mighty Weapon + Bracers)
12:28  Crusader (1H Flail + Offhand/Bracers)
13:07 Demon Hunter (1H Dagger + Bracers)
13:39 Monk (2H Daibo + Boots)
14:47 Necromancer (2H Scythe + Gloves)
15:50 Witch Doctor (1H Spear + Pants/Helm) **Rolling 1H Spears will be nerfed to a 50% chance next Season when Empyrian Messenger goes back into the Spear pool :*(
16:38 Wizard (1H Wand + Helm)
17:48 Snapshot Trick
22:21 Blades Leveling 
25:41 Massacre Leveling 
28:17 Rift Leveling
29:05 Vendors
33:28 What To Do After Level 70? Season Journey & 

1. Create seasonal hero 
2. Complete challenge rift (NA & EU guides will be on YouTube) 
3. Open cache (35 DBs & other mats) 
4. Level up Blacksmith & Mystic to the max 
5. Take follower's weapon and equip them with any items that emanate while leveling.
6. Go get Kanai's cube in Act 3 Ruins of Sescheron 
7. Craft class-specific item 
8. Upgrade item in cube (Recipe 3) and cube power if you got something good (Recipe 1) 
9. Spend blood shards (consult gambling link above) 
10. Craft a 70 2H with life on hit and CC effect as the secondary 
11. Reroll the OTHER secondary to the best reduced level requirement you can get 
12. Buy +dmg rings and amulets from "the fence" vendors at lvl 7/10 
13. Craft a new 2H every time you can until you reach your lvl 70 weapon 
14. Leveling Options: 
   a. T6 Blades in Halls of Agony Level 1 (not in HC)
   b. Massacre bonuses in Halls of Agony Level 2 / Fields of Misery
   c. Do rifts on Hard until you get your cube power and/or lvl 70 weapon then move to T1+
   d. Cursed Chest Leveling: https://youtu.be/as1ENTC8w8I​ 
15. Once 70, complete season journey for set and do low level GRs to get legendary gems up, then augment your character. Spend all of your time initially speed farming the highest GR you can clear every time in under 2 minutes. Fully augment your character as soon as possible. 

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