ARK Fjordur ALL Unique Creatures Location Guide

ARK Fjordur ALL Unique Creatures Location Guide

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All Unique Creature Locations Guide on the NEW FREE DLC Map Fjordur to ARK Survival Evolved to PC/EGS/PS4/XBOX. From Rock Drakes, Shadowmanes, Griffins & Maewings to Ferox & Owls, theyre all here!

00:00 Intro
00:22 Rock Drake
00:36 Basilisk
00:48 Shadowmane
00:56 Maewing
01:04 Deinonychus
01:14 Gasbags
01:20 Tropeo
01:28 Megachelon
01:38 Ravager & Roll Rat
01:53 Ovis
02:00 Griffin
02:07 Velo
02:14 Karkinos
02:21 Gachca
02:30 Ferox
02:39 Snow Owl
02:49 Magmasaur
02:56 Fire Wyvern
03:04 Ice Wyvern
03:12 Lightning Wyvern
03:20 Poison Wyvern
03:31 R-Deaodon
03:38 R-Bronto
03:45 R-Allo
03:53 R-Dilo
03:57 R-Carbonemys
04:03 R-Direwolf
04:09 R-Giga
04:20 R-Snow Owl
04:26 R-Procoptodon
04:32 R-Thyla
04:39 X-Trike
04:46 X-Anklyo
04:53 X-Allo
05:00 X-Rock Elemental
05:06 X-Argy
05:14 X-Wolly Rhino
05:22 X-Sabertooth
05:30 X-Dunkleosteus
05:39 X-Yuty
05:47 X-Parasur
05:54 X-Raptor
06:00 X-Tapejara
06:08 Bulbdog, Featherlight, Glowtail & Shinehorn
06:18 Aberrant Doed
06:24 Aberrant Dodo
06:35 Aberrant Direbear
06:44 Aberrant Diplo
06:53 Aberrant Trike
07:00 Aberrant Megalania & Megalosaurus
07:16 Aberrant Arthro, Scorpion, Sarco, Otter, Titanoboa, & Achatina
07:45 Aberrant Spino & Pulovia

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