V Rising How to Use Admin

V Rising How to Use Admin

If you are looking for a useful guide about (V Rising How to Use Admin) then you are reading the right article, because in this article we have embedded an amazing youtube video related to this topic which will prove to be very useful for you.

Here are a lot of the admin commands and examples so you can learn to use them effectively without interrupting other people playing!

adminauth - Gives you admin powers
console.bind "key" "command" - For Example: console.bind g teleportplayertomouseposition sobadstrange 
TeleportPlayerToMousePosition "YOUR NAME" - Teleport yourself to your mouse position allowing you to teleport quickly over and over if bound soundlessly
toggleobserve 1 - Invisible and Invulnerable - Neutral state
toggleobserve 0 - Normal state
teleporttochunk x, y - for example teleporttochunk 11,12 Quincey
giveset hats - Give all cosmetic hats
giveset cloaks - Give all cosmetic/stat cloaks
kick "playername" - kicks player from server
ban "playername" - bans player from server

Here are some important chunks for teleporting:
10 10 Copper Mine
11 13 Iron Mine
11 11 Nicholas The Fallen
11 12 Quincey
6 10 Clive
15 10 Bear
13 11 Keely Frost Archer
12 16 Octavian The Militia Captain
13 14 Beatrice
9 15 Raziel
14 21 Frog

The youtube video embedded above will give you the best visual guide and if you want to see similar useful videos, you can also check out other videos on this channel. This youtube channel plays an important role in the growth of the gaming community because the videos uploaded by this youtube channel prove to be very useful for the gamers, because the videos uploaded by this youtube channel prove to be very useful for gamers, due to which this youtube channel deserves thanks.

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