Top 10 Coromon in 2022

Top 10 Coromon in 2022

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In today's video, I'm going over the top 10 Coromon in 2022, which includes the full roster of 114 Coromon!

10. Tinshel: mostly because of it's stupid adorable battle cry and ability to solo titans
9. Purrgy: I mean...Purrgy is just purrfect in every way
8. Malavite: I really like this whole evolutionary design and it's a humanoid design done very well while also being competitively viable to boot
7. Ashclops: Perfect form is just so cool unfortunately it's not the best for battling but I really like it
6. Eclyptor: Perfect form is so good, it is very powerful, and is just really cool overall
5. Blazitaur: Very straightforward and strong Coromon with a cool design and amazing perfect form
4. Grimmask: I love the more menacing design and it seems like a solid Coromon overall. I actually prefer it's potent variation.
3. Bittybolt: Torravolt is great too but Bittybolt is just such a good design and I love that it was conceived from a scrapped Pokemon sprite. Not to mention Bittybolt is quite strong for a pre-evolution.
2. Daricara: this is pretty much solely for design as I have yet to use one but all the forms look so good and this is quite possibly my favorite Coromon design.
1. Skeletops: Cool design, interesting traits and kit that seems quite unique while being viable tho I've yet to try it, and an amazing perfect variation.

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