Ooouuu Lyrics – Karan Aujla | Ooouuu Song Lyrics

Ooouuu Lyrics – Karan Aujla | Ooouuu Song Lyrics

If you are looking for the perfect lyrics of the song (Ooouuu – Karan Aujla) then this article is exactly for you, because in this article you will find 100% correct song lyrics. Along with the lyrics of the song we have also embedded an amazing youtube video related to this song which will prove to be very useful for you.

Ooouuu Ho
Yeah Proof!

Labhdi Phirdi Dil Mere Vich
Dil Tere Layi Rooh Kudey Ni
Paawan Photo Dekhe Karke
Baar Baar Tu Zoom Kudey

Paid Karaya Gutt Te Laya
Dollor Sadda Zehar Kudey Ni
Nakhre Jehe Na Maar Kudey Ni
Hath Ni Auna Yaar Kudey Ni

Kudi Kardi Try Phire
Kanni Jhumke Pawai Phire
Nawi Rover Kadhayi Phire
Gehdi Route Aayi
Gall Aujle De Layi Phire

Airi Gairi Shehri Vairi
Gabbru Rakhda Godde Te Ni
Ankh Badi Aa Bhar Bada Ne
Sir Dhar Li Na Modde Te

Assi Lave Ni Launde Painde
Vairi Mere Pairi Ne Ni
Zehri Ankhan Lehri Ne
Tere Bull Rakaane Cherry Ne Ni

Tainu Fikar Dior Di Ae
Sannu Fikar Pure Di Ae
Kudey Teri Gall Hor Jehi Ae

Chadhdi Ni Chheti Sanu
Saari Gall Lor Di Ae

Tu Ni Lag Sakdi
Haddan Nu Taan Lag Gayi
Tadke Nu Uth Ukki Sukhi Kha Liye

Kise Hathon Chupdi
Vi Lagge Na Swaad Kudey
Maa De Hathan Di Assi
Rukhi Kha Liye

Mukke Rukke Tukke Ni
Main Paani Ni Barsatan Da Ni
Safar Yaaran Da Raatan Da
Te Shukar Date Nu Data Da Ni

Asar Kare Ni Nazar Teri
Tu Nazar Mere Tijori Ae Ni
Tere Nain Billori Ae Ni
Par Mere Vallon Sorry Ae Ni

Mexico Di Flight Ae Ni
Aithe Kaala Utte White Ae Ni
Tera Future Bright Ae Ni

Sadda Dassan Ki Ae
Saanu Shoot On Sight Ae

Aankhi Kaajal Kaajal Ne
Paagal Ne Paagal Ne Karte Munde
Lokan Di Hikkan Te Jatta Ne
Koke Ne Jarte Kudiye

Lor’an Ne Hor’an Nu
Choran Nu Gande Ne Padh De
Jinna Naal Varte
Ohna Nu Na Warte

Na Main Busy Na Main Vella Kudey
Ustad Na Main Chela Kudey

Jithe Jawan Lagge Mela Kudey
Kandeyan Te Khelan
Dassan Hor Ki Detail’an

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