Minecraft: How To Make A Doorbell

Minecraft: How To Make A Doorbell

If you are looking for a useful guide about (Minecraft: How To Make A Doorbell) then you are reading the right article, because in this article we have embedded an amazing youtube video related to this topic which will prove to be very useful for you.

Today you will learn how to make a working doorbell for your Minecraft survival house. You will learn 3 cool Facts about Note Blocks and how to use them in minecraft. This is a turorial for a simple trick to create this easy doorbell. If you understand the how to, you can create so many cool different doorbells for the door in your Minecraft house. Here is how it works. Place a button next to your door. Next place the shown Redstone pattern and Note Blocks. A good thing to know is that the block below your note block is important for the note blocks sound. Gold is a good choice here. This will create a realistic Minecraft Doorbell. If you want your button further away from your door. Just place a redstone line from your button all the way to your circuit. Let me know where you will use this doorbell in your Minecraft house and what sound you have chosen. This tutorial should awnser most of your questions and teach you cool tricks. If you need to know more, please ask me in the comment section! Also leave a like if you liked this video. 

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