Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Coruscant - Federal District 100% - All Collectibles

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Coruscant - Federal District 100% - All Collectibles

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Coruscant - Federal District 100% - All Bricks, Characters, Datacard & Missions - Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

Some Missions will unlock after talking to characters or when completing missions (Throughout the galaxy).

The Galaxy - The Interior - Coruscant - Federal District 100%
Coruscant - Federal District:
Character 00:00 - Taxi Unfair - Luminara Unduli
Ship 03:32 - Protocol Problems - AA-9 Freighter
Kyber Brick 05:50 - Splish Splash
Kyber Brick 07:01 - The Brick Who Lived Under the Stairs
Kyber Brick 07:20 - Big Rock, Little Brick
Kyber Brick 07:52 - Shop Invasion
Datacard 08:46
Kyber Brick 10:01 - High up the Hyperlifts
Kyber Brick 13:16 - Corner Awing
Kyber Brick 13:50 - Tuning Fork
Kyber Brick 14:08 - Grapple Safari
Kyber Brick 14:39 - Me High Deadeye
Kyber Brick 15:02 - Cutting Across Town
Kyber Brick 16:47 - Stockpile Surprise
Kyber Brick 17:41 - Padme’s Pad
Kyber Brick 18:25 - Korner Kyber
Kyber Brick 18:42 - Profitable Propaganda
Kyber Brick 19:41 - Scant Silver
Ship 20:01 - Breaker Switch Breakdown - ARC-170 Starfighter
Kyber Brick 21:35 - District Dangle
Kyber Brick 22:37 - Welcome to Federal District
Kyber Brick 12:00 - On Me ‘Ead!
Character 23:44 - B1 Battle Droid
Character 23:44 - B2 Super Battle Droid
Character 23:44 - RA-7 (Green)
Character 23:44 - Droidreka
Character 23:44 - BB-9E
Kyber Brick 24:31 - Little Shop of Droids
Kyber Brick 25:25 - Riding High
Kyber Brick 25:58 - Below Deck Bouncing
Kyber Brick 26:30 - Crate Idea
Kyber Brick 27:09 - Babbling Brick
Kyber Brick 27:23 - Shop ‘till it Drops
Kyber Brick 27:50 - Open for Business
Kyber Brick 28:38 - Federal Firepower
Kyber Brick 29:32 - Walking Tall in the Mall
Kyber Brick 30:25 - Net Set
Take Taxi
Kyber Brick 30:57 - Pressuring the Senate
Kyber Brick 32:17 - Turning to the Dark Side
Ship 32:43 - Palpatine Portrait - Theta-class T-2c Shuttle
Character 35:02 - Kouhun Kalamity - Mas Amedda
Kyber Brick 40:02 - Daredevil Drop
Kyber Brick 40:46 - Jedi Find Trick
Kyber Brick 42:23 - Younglings in Class
Character 44:58 - Tuskens and Dragons - Yaddle
Kyber Brick 48:42 - Secret of the Archives II
Kyber Brick 51:28 - Secret of the Archives
Kyber Brick 53:40 - Stolen Knowledge
Character 53:40 - Stolen Knowledge - Jocasta Nu
Character 01:03:58 - Bounty Hunter Hunt - Aurra Sing
Kyber Brick 01:06:51 - Trial of the Jedi

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