LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Cantonica - Space & Canto Bight 100% - All Collectibles

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Cantonica - Space & Canto Bight 100% - All Collectibles

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Cantonica - Space & Canto Bight 100% - All Bricks, Characters, Datacard & Missions - Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

Some Missions will unlock after talking to characters or when completing missions (Throughout the galaxy).

The Galaxy - New Territories - Cantonica - Space & Canto Bight 100%

Cantonica - Space:
Kyber Brick Comet 00:00
Character 00:09 - First Order the Worst Order - First Order Special Forces Fighter Pilot
Character 02:27 - Shooting Gallery - Rampage Run: Cantonica - Poggle the Lesser

Cantonica - Canto Bight:
Datacard 03:23
Kyber Brick 04:06 - Sandy Stash
Kyber Brick 04:24 - Unlimited Tower
Kyber Brick 05:19 - Welcome to Canto Bight
Kyber Brick 05:33 - Beachfront Bonus
Kyber Brick 05:54 - Cracking Coastline
Kyber Brick 06:21 - Bounce to the Bridges
Kyber Brick 07:08 - Canto’s Finest Kyber
Kyber Brick 07:51 - Night on the Tiles
Kyber Brick 08:11 - Stacking the Odds
Kyber Brick 08:37 - Canto Buyers
Kyber Brick 09:11 - Archway Award
Kyber Brick 09:28 - Canto Bites
Kyber Brick 11:30 - Cut Above Canto
Kyber Brick 11:54 - Cupcake Shake-up
Kyber Brick 12:54 - Side Alley Surprise
Kyber Brick 13:19 - Canto Fight
Kyber Brick 14:23 - Mind Tricky Treasure
Kyber Brick 15:32 - High Flyers Wires
Character 16:04 - Gonk and Circumstance - Master Codebreaker
Character 18:39 - Race - The Fast and the Fathier - Captain Canady
Ship 19:58 - Canto Bight Drop Point Password Key - Highest Bidder - TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter
Kyber Brick 22:18 - High Stake Shootout
Kyber Brick 22:52 - A Stable Profit
Kyber Brick 23:18 - Secure Seating
Kyber Brick 23:53 - Timer Climber
Kyber Brick 25:01 - Seeds in Alderaan Places
Kyber Brick 26:24 - Present in the Park
Kyber Brick 27:06 - Canto Flight
Kyber Brick 27:29 - Powering Promenade
Kyber Brick 28:18 - Tower of Gold
Kyber Brick 28:55 - Vaulting to the Vault
Kyber Brick 29:48 - Fractured Fathier
Kyber Brick 30:39 - Canto Corner
Character 31:03 - Silencing Snootles - Mama the Hutt
Kyber Brick 35:06 - Casino Climbing
Kyber Brick 35:23 - Spinner Winner Beginner
Kyber Brick 36:10 - Spinner Winner Again-ner
Kyber Brick 36:45 - Not a Pair in the World
Kyber Brick 38:11 - Ubbla the Weather
Character 38:11 - Ubbla the Weather - Ubbla Mollbro

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