Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: All Arch-To Temple Island Collectibles

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: All Arch-To Temple Island Collectibles

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Temple Island 100% Completion Guide Lego The Skywalker Saga. Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Temple Island all collectibles locations. You can see all Arch-To Temple Island puzzles solutions following this video.


00:00 - Arch-To Temple Island 100% Guide
00:18 - Kyber Brick 1/21 - Ahch-To Tourney
00:37 - Kyber Brick 2/21 - Trailgazers
02:11 - Kyber Brick 3/21 - Welcome to Ahch-To
02:43 - Kyber Brick 4/21 - Top Tip
03:02 - Kyber Brick 5/21 - Sacred Jedi Brick
03:26 - Kyber Brick 6/21 - Rocky Nook
03:45 - Kyber Brick 7/21 - Atop Ahch-To
04:37 - Kyber Brick 8/21 - Light and Dark
06:56 - Kyber Brick 9/21 - Cognitive Cavern
09:20 - Kyber Brick 10/21 - Cliffside Hider
10:19 - Kyber Brick 11/21 - High-Speed Hiking
11:01 - Kyber Brick 12/21 - Lanai Luau
12:29 - Character 1/2 - Praetorian Guard (Seventh Guard) - Wheelbarrow Woes
16:37 - Kyber Brick 13/21 - Fishing Expedition
17:11 - Kyber Brick 14/21 - Mountain Slide
17:58 - Character 2/2 - Alcida-Auka - Porg Preservation Society
31:51 - Kyber Brick 15/21 - Fisherman's Friend
32:32 - Kyber Brick 16/21 - Return to the Dark Side Cave
34:21 - Kyber Brick 17/21 - Ravine Rush
35:52 - Kyber Brick 18/21 - Cracking Ahch-To
36:18 - Kyber Brick 19/21 - Derelict Delight
36:37 - Kyber Brick 20/21 - Stashed in the Storeroom
37:35 - Kyber Brick 21/21 - Lost Jedi Loot

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