Stranger of Paradise Class Guide | Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Class Guide

Stranger of Paradise Class Guide | Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Class Guide

In this Stranger of Paradise Class Guide, we’re going to dive into all of the 8 Basic Jobs of the game and touch upon the Advanced Jobs that they eventually evolve into. If you’re new to Stranger of Paradise and you’ve been wanting to know more in terms of how different Class playstyles are, then this Guide is for you!

0:00 - Stranger of Paradise Class Guide
1:41 - Swordsman
3:22 - Swordfighter
4:15 - Ronin
5:12 - Pugilist
6:33 - Marauder
7:32 - Mage
8:17 - Duelist
8:52 - Lancer

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