Elden Ring: How To Build A Magic Archer (Level 50 Guide) | Elden Ring: Bow Build Guide

Elden Ring: How To Build A Magic Archer (Level 50 Guide) | Elden Ring: Bow Build Guide

In this Elden Ring Build Guide I’ll be showing you my Magic Archer Build. This is an advanced build that takes place at level 50 and the evolved version of the Archer build. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your Archer build then you might want to check this build-out.

0:00 - Elden Ring Magic Archer Guide
0:10 - Playing a Pure Archer in Elden Ring
3:42 - How to make this build work
7:08 - Magic Archer Gameplay
8:49 - Magic Archer Attributes
10:37 - Arrows Guide
16:39 - Final Tips

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