Elden Ring: Blessing of Despair (Dung Eater Questline) Guide

Elden Ring: Blessing of Despair Ending (Dung Eater Questline) Guide

00:00 After reaching Leyndell Dung Eater will show up in Roundtable Hold
01:03 collect the 1st Seedbed Curse in Leyndell near East Capital Rampart and bring it to Dung Eater
02:23 Free Dung Eater from his cell in the Dungeon below Leyndell, from Avenue Balcony go downstairs and jump down on the right side and it a well
03:11 From Underground Roadside drop into the tunnel and talk to him in his cell
04:38 In Roundtable Hold a message will appear, go to Capital Rampart and travel down to outer moat next to the city walls and fight him
05:53 Talk to him again in Roundtable Hold then collect the remaining Seedbed Curses
07:40 Seedbed Curse 2 near West Capital Rampart
08:17 Seedbed Curse 3 at the bottom of Volcano Manor. Check my other video "How to get to Volcano Manor" if you are having trouble entering the area. Use the secret entrance and advance throughout the area. Once you reach the bottom, make sure to open the shortcut leading to the entrance of Volcano Manor
10:40 Seedbed Curse 4 near Prayer Room in Haligtree. Check my other video "How to access Miquella's Haligtree" if you are having trouble entering the area
11:09 Seedbed Curse 5 also near Prayer Room in Haligtree
11:33 Return to Dung Eater in his cell and give him the Seedbed Curses to receive the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse
13:12 Reload the area to get his outfit
13:28 Finish the game use the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse for the Blessing of Despair Ending

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