Elden Ring: Age of the Stars Ending (Ranni Questline) Guide

Elden Ring: Age of the Stars Ending (Ranni Questline and Locations) Guide

00:00 Meet Ranni for the first time in Church of Elleh
01:30 Go to Ranni's Rise and enter her service
07:49 (optional) Go to Siofra River and meet Blaidd
10:21 (optional) ask Seluvis about Nokron
11:01 (optional) Go to waypoint Ruins and ask Sorcerer Sellen about Nokron
13:46 Continue to talk to Blaidd and Fight general Radahn
17:07 Post Boss Cutscene Creating the entrance to Nokron
18:11 Talk to Blaidd after the Boss Fight
18:58 Enter Nokron from Mistwood Outskirts
21:11 Find the hidden treasure of Nokron for Ranni
22:40 Bring it back to Ranni
23:58 Go to Renna's Rise and teleport to Ainsel River Main
24:34 Pick up the doll nearby and speak to it at the Site of Grace
26:00 Progress through Ainsel River to Nokstella Waterfall Basin and beat Shadow of Blaidd, make sure to activate the next Site of Grace because you will come back here soon
27:33 Travel to Raya Lucaria Grand Library and open the Chest next to Rennala
27:52 Progress through Lake of Rot and Grand Cloister to beat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
31:01 At Moonlight Altar beat Glintstone Dragon Adula
32:04 At Cathedral of Manus Celes drop down the hole and give Ranni the Dark Moon Ring
35:09 Age of the Stars Ending
38:16 (optional) Travel to Ranni's Rise to meet Blaidd
39:01 (optional) Travel to Seluvis's Rise to meet Seluvis
39:16 (optional pre-ending) Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes to meet Iji
40:35 (optional post-ending) Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes to meet Iji

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