Suzlon Stock 14 February Target | Suzlon Share Latest News

Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Stock 14 February Target | Suzlon Share Latest News

There was a big fall in the market on Friday, which has also affected Suzlon, because at present the price of Suzlon has come down to ₹ 10.35. On Friday, we saw a fall of 1.90% in Suzlon. 

After the big fall, the question must be arising in your mind that how will this stock perform on 14th February? You will get answers to all your questions in this article because in this article we will predict how Suzlon will perform on February 14.

On Friday, the quantity traded in Suzlon is 36,340,349 and if we talk about the delivered quantity, then the delivered quantity is 19,705,177. The percentage of quantity delivered is 54.22% which is a good thing.

If we talk about the target, then there is a possibility that Suzlon can reach ₹ 10.50 on 14th February. If we talk about stop loss, then on monday the stop loss of this stock can be around ₹ 10.25.

Note: This article does not recommend you to buy any type of stocks, please do research before buying any stock.

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