Money Heist set a World Record for Netflix


Money Heist with 670 crores of watching hours created history

Money Heist set a record of 670 crore watching hours in the history of Netflix. Truly, Professor and his team made people crazy about Money Heist by their plan execution and attitude of never losing hope and fighting back with any situation. Because of this, Money Heist becomes the most viewed web series on any platform in the world. This incident only conveys to us the madness of people for Money Heist. As per Netflix India Official Instagram Handle, Money Heist is now the most viewed web series with 3 seasons, 5 parts, and 41 episodes all around the world. 

For Netflix also, I think it becomes the first time they allowed any web series producer for extending the contract. And this decision of Netflix has made it possible for fans of Money Heist and Netflix for another 2 parts. Money Heist is a drama series with IMDB of 8.2/10. It is basically a Spanish series with the first episode released on 2 May 2017 and from then till the last year 2020, they have never looked back to entertain the world by their action, drama, and script.

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