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WhatsApp launched New Feature of Cryptocurrency Payment.

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic nowadays people are talking about and WhatsApp has just launched its new feature of transactions of cryptocurrency in the WhatsApp chat. Yes, now people can send and receive cryptocurrency by WhatsApp from their friends and family members anytime anywhere. Initially WhatsApp has started this feature as a pilot project for some users in the US only. People can transact through cryptocurrency on WhatsApp by its cryptocurrency wallet Novi. WhatsApp just knew the demand of the current scenario and trend of cryptocurrency. So by taking this opportunity WhatsApp has decided to start this service of transferring cryptocurrency in WhatsApp chat. They have made it so much easier that people can use this feature as simply as WhatsApp chat.

How it works.

As per information on the official website of Novi, when people deposit money into Novi wallet, it will be converted to USDP (Pax Dollar) stable digital currency issued by Paxos Trust company. Paxos trust company is a regulated financial institution. USDP has been designed in such a way that it has a relatively stable value as the US dollar. So if we talk about Novi then 1 USDP has the same value as 1 USD on Novi. Moreover, users can anytime deposit money from their bank account to Novi wallet and vice versa, very securely. WhatsApp is not charging any extra fees for this facility. So people will get this feature free of cost of transferring cryptocurrency to their friends and family members.

Meta platform has been working on this project for several months but because of the cryptocurrency regulatory act they had to scale back the project. But now they came up with this feature as a pilot project in the US. WhatsApp announced that after getting review from this pilot project, they will start this facility for the world and all users. So, hoping for the best and we can just wait and watch to see this feature in our WhatsApp ASAP.

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