Helicopter Crash - Accident OR Planning ???


Helicopter Crash - Accident OR Planning ???

Yesterday, India got very terrible news of the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of 13 people from the Indian forces. Now a news coming out from aur media house that it might be a planning then just an accident. According to the statement of retired brigadier Sudhir Sawant, it could be a plan to target the helicopter of the first CDS of India. He then added that this should be investigated by the NIA.  The people of this area can also be connected with LTTE ( liberation tiger of Tamil Eilam) for accomplishing this planning.Sleeper cells of LTTE can be used for this task also. This is the statement of Mr. Sudhir Sawant who worked 35 years in the Indian force. LTTE cadre knows very well how to plant an IED BOMB.

There are always any of the three Reasons for any Crash. 

The first reason could be the technical fault, the second one could be the pilot error and 3rd could be bomb blast. If we talk about the first and second reason then in that case the pilot can get the help from the control room by communicating with them before the incident and all the conversation between control team and pilot is stored in Black Box fitted in the helicopter. The good thing is, we have got a black box of the helicopter that crashed yesterday. So if it was one of the two reason then the conversation or attempt for conversation to the control team can be easily traced out from the Black Box but if it do not come out from the black box then we can think about third option which is planting a bomb and targeting the helicopter of the first CDS of India. In the case of bomb blast, the pilot of the helicopter have no scope to communicate with control team and all the things happen within a second. So we can just expect that whatever the reason maybe it will come out very soon. Till then for more information be connected with us.

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