PUBG story mode

PUBG story mode

PUBG story mode
PUBG story mode

Are you bored by playing PUBG games, this news is for you because PUBG is going to bring something that will remove your boredom.

About PUBG

PUBG is a popular game in the whole world. And since this game has come on PC and console, it's been blowing up. This game became popular in PCs and consoles but this game got its new identity when the game was launched for mobile on February 9, 2018.

When PUBG launched for mobile, Tencent expected that the game would be hit but the game broke all records and became a superhit.  And today the condition is that the people playing PUBG mobile are more than the PUBG PC.

When the launch was done for PUBG Mobile, there were not so many features in this game, and the mods would have been very less. 

But after that many updates came in PUBG, and the game started getting better. As if the first map in PUBG was Erangel, then there came a map like Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi. Along with the map, new modes were also launched from different sources, such as minizone, war mod, zombie mod, etcetera.

Along with the update, PUBG also started to add a lot of things. Like new gun new vehicles and a new skin and outfit. There were too many updates in the PUBG game. And after all these updates, the players are always looking for something new. Because playing one game repeatedly makes any minds bored. The developers of PUBG game are bringing the story mod to remove this boredom and give players something new.

Story mode

Friends, in a short time the PUBG game will give you a surprise. and this surprise is story mod. The face of the PUBG game will change after this new update.

The face of the PUBG game will change after this new update. This update will be a story mod update. In which you can play in story mod like any other storyline game. This mod will come in PUBG PC and then it will also come in mobile.

2 day ago PUBG's official youtube channel released a trailer cinematic trailer of story mod. This story mod has been made for PUBG's Erangel map.

This update will be released on July 24th for PC and will be coming out later this year for mobile.

If you want to watch a video, click on the link given below.

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