How to download Whatsapp status

How to download Whatsapp status

How to download Whatsapp status
How to download Whatsapp status

If you are using Popular Messaging Application Whatsapp then you will know that Whatsapp also has a feature called status which allows you to keep the photo or video in your status and this status lasts for 24 hours and it automatically disappears after 24 hours.

If someone from your contact has put a photo or video in status and if you like their status then there is no way to download the photo except to take a screenshot of the photo as Whatsapp does not offer the option to download the status.

In this situation, many people are also seeking the help of third party applications. These applications can be dangerous for security. Therefore, such applications should be avoided.

Download Status using File manager

If you are using a stock Android phone you will need to download the file manager applications in your phone. But if you use a smartphone-like Samsung, One plus, mi, oppo, vivo, etc. then file manager applications will be available on your phone.

In order to download status, you have to open the file manager applications in your phone and go to Settings and click on Show hidden file and then go to this path Whatsapp>Media>status. In this folder, you will find a copy of all the status you have seen.

This way we can download status without the help of any third-party applications. Downloading status via file manager will also keep your security safe and you can easily download status.

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