Download Dead by Daylight for Android

Download Dead by Daylight for Android

Download Dead by Daylight for Android
Download Dead by Daylight for Android

Friends, today I come to you with a brand new and good game which is very popular on the computer and now the game has come to mobile too, let us start the blog.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight This game is very popular in the computer and the game is very nice and it is very fun to play. This is a horror game. And if you like horror and survival game this game is the best for you.

Game Play

This game gets a little different from other horror games because this game is a little unusual. Now let me tell you this because in this game you can become a hero and you can become a villain too.

In the game you can play with your friends. You can play a game with your 4 friends.  In the game you will be given 5 bad generator and your team will find this 5 bad generator and repair it.  But the game is not completed here, but the game starts from here because you have to find a generator but you have to survive the killer in the game.

Whenever you go to repair this bad generator, the killer will also come there and will injure you and imprison you. You have to be careful about the killer and find this generator and will have to repair it. If you are successful in repairing 5 generators, you will win the game because you will get a exit route.

Not only the hero but you can also become a villain in this game. If you are a killer in this game you will have to find another 4 player and you have to injure and imprison this 4 player.


The game's graphics are very good because it is a game of computer.  And this game will play very well in your 3 or 4 gb ram phone. 

The detail in the game is very well done and you will get a similar experience as you get in the computer. Game's sound is also good with game graphics.


You will not see this game at the google play store right now.

If you want to download this game you can click the link given below and download game. The size of the game can be as high as 1.5 gb. 

Click Here

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