PUBG Mobile MIB Alien Mode

PUBG Mobile MIB Alien Mode

PUBG Mobile MIB Alien Mode
PUBG Mobile MIB Alien Mode

The pubg game is so famous that whenever a new movie comes, that movie collaborates with the pubg game for the promotion of that movie.

Way Collaboration with PUBG?

This is happening because any company that produces a product either makes a movie, for promotion it goes to who has an audience, and the same thing happens with the PUBG game because the PUBG game has a big customer base.

The PUBG game has so much customer base that the big movie also supports pubg mobile games for promotion. Whenever a movie is in collaboration with PUBG game then pubg mobile comes with themes and skin related to that movie. And sometimes there are events related to that movie in PUBG.


Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a very prominent name in Movie Industries Resident evil 2 game has been launched from Resident evil movie, which is available on PC. The same game had its collaboration with PUBG Mobile and was probably the first collaboration of PUBG Mobile. Under this collaboration, we got to see a zombie in PUBG Mobile which we could see in the Resident Evil 2 game.


Friends, this collaboration has happened recently and it is currently running in PUBG Mobile. Godzilla's skin and theme have come in PUBG under the PUBG Mobile Collaboration of Godzilla Movie.

Apart from that, you will also find Godzilla's T-shirt in the game and you will be seen posters of Godzilla in many places.

Other Collaboration

Apart from this, Romeo Akbar Walter Movie and Alan Walker also had collaboration with PUBG mobile game.

Upcoming Collaboration

MIB International

The next movie which can be collaborated with PUBG Mobile is Men In Black Movie. The collaboration of Men In Black Movie has started in this game of Tencent, which is named Game for Peace. Game for Peace This game is specially designed for China because there was a lot of controversy surrounding PUBG games in China and PUBG game did not follow China's policy, Tencent created a separate game of China, which we also know as PUBG 2.

Along with MIB movie, another two movies is also being released, which can also be collaborated with PUBG Mobile. "Spiderman far from Home" and "Hobbs and Shaw" this movie can also do a collaboration with PUBG.

Advantages of Collaboration

PUBG games benefit from the collaboration of any of the movies with PUBG games. PUBG is not only benefitted with this cooperation, but PUBG gaming players also have the advantage.

Whenever a movie is collaboration with a pubg game, the skins and themes related to that movie come into the PUBG game. And this is not the reason PUBG game is not boring because players get new skin and themes, which brings newness to the game. Like, at present, Godjila's collaboration is going on in PUBG Mobile, which brings godzilla's amazing skin to the game.

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