Most dense thing in universe

Most dense thing in universe

Most dense thing in universe
Most dense thing in universe

Do you know that there is a lot of things in our universe that you feel very strange to know about. Today, we are going to tell you what is the highest density object in the universe.

If I tell you that the density of the Saturn planet in our solar system is less than water, if we keep the Saturn planet in a vast ocean, then it will swim, will you believe it? The answer is yes. If we search for some of the vast ocean and put the Saturn Planet into that sea, then Saturn will float easily on the sea and this is what we are going to explain in this article, so let's start the article.

Mass and Volume

Everything in the universe has its own weight. Everything we see or feel in this universe is made from the smallest unit atom of matter. The weight of any object is more or less on the basis of this Atom.

If we take two items of equal weight, such as a wooden block and a nail, the weight of these two is very similar. But if we put these two objects in water then the wood block will float in water and if the ironic nail gets drowned in water then why does it happen? This is due to the density of any object.

What is the density?

Let me give you an example of density. Suppose that there are two boxes. 2 balls are placed in the first box and 20 balls have been placed in the second box, then all of you know that the 20-ball box will have the highest density and weight. Similarly, we get the density of matter.

Instead of the ball, we will take the Atom, and instead of the box, we will take the volume. The more Atom we can fill in this volume, the more dense it is our matter. more mass you can fill in a particular volume, the more massive your matter will be. 

Woodblock and nail mass are parallel but wood volume is more than Nell, due to which the density of woodblock is less than water and the same nail density is high. For this reason, wood floats in water.

Similarly, our planet Saturn and star UY SCUTI have less mass and more volumes. Because of which their density is much less than water. If you make the Planet larger than the Saturn planet with water then its mass will be much larger. Now we will know the density of the objects present in our universe, which is so heavy in a very small quantity that one piece of them ranges from millions to the weight of billions of kilos.

Why time slow down near a black hole


First of all, we start with water density. Because of the density of the other things is compared with the density of water. The average density of water is 1 gram per cubic centimeter. If you take a cube of 1 centimeter and the amount of water you can fill in it will be in the amount of 1 gram.

Osmium metal

osmium metal is the densest metal found on our Earth. If we compare water with osmium metal, it is 23 times heavier than water. In the 1 centimeter cube you can fill up 1 gram of water, osmium can absorb up to 23 grams.

If you have a 5 kg iron bar and the same size is osmium, then the weight of the same bar will be 15 kg.


Our Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System with a density of 5.51 grams cubic centimeter on it. The density of the largest planet Jupiter of the Solar System is 1.33 grams cubic centimeter. Jupiter's density is slightly higher than the density of water.

The density of Saturn planet is 0.687 g cubic centimeter. Which is less than the density of water, due to which the planet can not sink into the water.

If you think our sun's density is the highest in our solar system then you are thinking wrong. Even though the mass of the Sun is 99.8% of our solar system, its density is 1.41 grams cubic centimeter, due to which its density is as much as the other planets in our solar system.

Until then, you must have understood the density very well. But now the things I will tell you about will dispel your senses because the density of these things is so much that you can not even imagine their weight.

White dwarf star

White dwarf star i.e. small dwarf stars When a star like a sun starts dying because of the ending of its inner nuclei fusion, then these stars start pulling all the atoms inside them through its powerful gravitational force. 

As every atom is empty up to 99.9999 6%, this emptiness of the Atom starts decreasing, so that its particle electrons proton and neutron come closer, due to which the stars become smaller and smaller. But his mass remains the same as his dead star. 

Due to which the density of these stars becomes high and the volume decreases. Due to these reasons, the density of these stars increases considerably.

The density of a nominal white dwarf star is 10 million grams cubic centimeter. If you put the matter of this star in 1 liter of water bottle, then the weight of that bottle of water will be 1 million kg. It will become so heavier that we will not have any technology to carry this bottle.

Neutron star

When a star is as big as the Sun, then on the death of that star it will become a white dwarf star. But if a star is 20 times more than the Sun's mass. Then on that star's death, he becomes the Neutron Star.

A neutron star is formed when a super-massive star ends its fusion and becomes so narrow due to gravity that it does not get much compression and then because of its collapse in its core, it explodes a supernova.

When he does the Super Nova explosion then there are 2 chances that he can become a neutron star and hence he becomes a black hole. The neutron star made of the supernova explosion is so small that its size remains only a few kilometers.

There is such a tremendous compression in the neutron star that the atom is connected to one another as if someone has filled two lakh people in place of 2 men.

The density of a Neutron star is 1000 trillion grams cubic centimeter. Wherever one gram water comes in, the neutron star weighs 1000 trillion grams in that area. 

Black Hole

There is something with the highest density in this entire universe, then it is a black hole. There is no volume of black holes. The mass of the black hole without volume is contained in it.

There is no volume of black holes. The mass of the black hole without volume is contained in it. Due to which its density is reached up to Infiniti. There is nothing denser than a black hole.

The black hole is so strong that it can destroy everything. The scientists believe that when nothing remains in the universe, then this black hole will survive.

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