Human Fall Flat for Android

Human Fall Flat for Android

Human Fall Flat for Android
Human Fall Flat for Android

Human Fall Flat is a platform puzzle game that has been developed by Lithuanian studio, This game was launched for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS in July 2016. And later this game was launched for other platforms like the PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android.


This game is a great game. This game is very fun to play. In this game, you will play with the character of a wobbly human, in which you and your wobbly human will be put in surreal places. There will be a lot of puzzles in these surreal places and you will have to go through your creativity and keys to get out of this place.

If you play this game with your friends, you will be very happy to play this game. Because this game is more fun to play with friends. In this game, you can jump, you can climb, and take anything with you. If you talk about customization, then in this game you can decorate your human with a lot of dresses.

This game supports multiplayer so you can play this game with your friends too. You can enjoy this game with your 4 friends.


The graphics of this game is good and completely cartoonish. Which is quite fun to watch. Details in the game are also good and the game is quite colorful. Graphics of this game are very attractive to children.


This game is very good, and on the other platform, this game is quite popular. And this is the reason that this game will be launched soon for the Android OS.

So if you are an Android user and you want to play this game, This game has arrived at the Google Play Store but the pre-registration of this game is currently underway. you can pre-register for this game by clicking on the following link.

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