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ssc mts

ssc mts
ssc mts

Friends, I hope you must fill the form of ssc mts (Multi Tasking Staff). In today's case, let's tell you what the job profile is in ssc mts, how much salary is, when the promotion is done, and what work has to be done. and how to prepare for exams and what book should be read.

Job profile

Friends, if we talk about job profiles then there are 2 types of ssc mts job categories.

 1.Group - C
 2.Group - D

ssc mts These two types of job categories will be found, and in which category you will get jobs in both these categories depends on your marks. So let's talk about the types of jobs you will get in both of these categories.

Group - C

1. Custom Department 

The custom department is a high-level post. In this post, you get lots of power.  This post comes in 2 types of duty.

 1.File Related

In this, your duty will be in the office and you have to do official work and you have to maintain files.

 2.Field Post

In this, your duty will be field work, i.e. your duty will be located at the airport and seaports. In the field post, you have to catch drugs and illegal goods. Because most of the smuggling of drugs and illegal goods is from the airport and the seaport itself.

You are given all the power as if you think that someone is smuggling dragons or illegal goods, then you can arrest him and take him into custody. But there is no such thing that you can catch anyone because after getting caught you will have to answer why you caught him. Customs is a responsible job because if you make a mistake, then drugs and illegal goods will be smuggled and it is dangerous for any country.

 2.Income tax Department 

All of you know about this department. The post of the income tax department is a very good job.  This post is India's one of the most powerful post.

The income tax department's work is to increase tax revenue. And to reduce income tax theft. And sometimes there may be a jail on the income tax theft.

Group - D

Any other department.

What is the work of ssc mts?

  • Physical maintenance of record section
  • General cleaning and upkeep of section
  • Carrying of the file and other paper
  • Photocopying, sending of fax, etc
  • Other non-clerical work in section
  • Delivering of DAK. (Inside & outside)
  • Watch & Ward duties
  • Cleaning of rooms & furniture etc.
  • Work related to his ITI qualification.
  • Driving if you have a driving license.
  • Upkeep of parks, lawns & potted plants.
  • Any other work assigned by the superior authority.


Group - C - 22000 TO 24000

Group - D - 18000 TO 20000


  •  In any group of ssc mts, you get promotions after 5 years and 6 years of job.
  • There is also another way of promoting ssc mts. If you are working as ssc mts for 3 years then you can get the second examination of ssc and get promotions.

How to prepare ssc mts exam?

Friends, you can prepare ssc mts from 2 ways.
  1. Online
  2. Offline

Online Preparation

Friends India has become digital. In today's era, there is a smartphone in every corner, and it also has internet facility. And we waste this facility into Facebook youtube, etc. But if we want, this facility can also be used for its own benefit.

Today there are many such channels in youtube that give you any competitive exam preparation, such as wifistudy, Unacademy These channels teach professional teachers and you will not have to pay any kind of fees. So you can take advantage of these facilities by sitting at home.

Offline Preparation

Offline Preparation means reading books that we have already done so much. If you like to read and do not want to study online, you can read from the offline study i.e. books.

Now if you want to read books, then you should know which book will be right for exams and for you.

For the preparation of ssc mts, we will suggest books if you want to read from books, then there is also a link to buy with the names of some books so that you can purchase these books with an online discount.

1. Kiran Publication Mathematics

2. R S Aggarwal  Quantitative Aptitude

3. R S Aggarwal A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

4.Objective General English  By Arihant

5. 14000+ Objective Questions - General Studies

6. Ultimate Guide to SSC Multi Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) Exam

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