PUBG Mobile Season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 7
PUBG Mobile Season 7

Today we are going to talk about the Royal Pass of Pubg Mobile Season 7. Today we will talk about what is new in this season and which new skin and theme are coming.


More recently, pubg mobile had released Season 6 but it was not so much liked by Players. And for that reason, pubg mobiles will release season 7 this time with great preparation. because they do not want their players to move away from him.

And for this reason, this season is going to be great, and you will be enjoying it very much.


According to leak, the Royal Pass of this time is going to be a theme of the military. This time you see guns, clothing, Vehicle, plane, and all other things will include the skin like army theme.

It means that when you go to play in the field, you will look like a soldier of the army. Apart from that if you complete some missions, you will be able to unlock things.

You will also find 600+ UC Money in Season 7 and besides you will also be seen a discount for Royal Pass.

In Season 7 you will find the Joker theme-related avatar which you can place on your profile picture.

Release Date

Season 7 will come in Pubg Mobile on 16th May and there will be lots of amazing things along with it. Season 7 has a lot less time left to come, so in that case, tell me if you would like to buy Royal Passage in Season 7 or not, in this comment section.

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