Netflix free account

Netflix free account

Netflix free account
Netflix free account

Friends today, I will tell you how to see all the shows of Netflix in free, so let's start the blog.

Friends, as you know, how much the American television show is getting popular today and we can see all those shows online in our phone too, but to see all those shows you need an app like Netflix, Amazon Prime.

Netflix, and Amazon Prime, such applications and service are paid, or if you have to watch your favorite show then you will have to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions.  Subscription means you will have to pay fees to see those shows that means that the service is not free, you will have to pay money to use it.

There are quite a few people who can not buy these services, then what about those people?  Will not he see his favorite show? The answer is that those people will also be able to see their shows without spending.  Today I'm telling you about a free app that you can use to view all those shows that you will find in Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Show Box

Show Box is a great app that lets you see all the popular shows like Game of Thrones, The Flash, Walking Dead, The Big Bang theory, Free.

In this application, you will find all the features that you will find in a paid application.


In this feature, you will find almost all the news about the movie and the TV show.

If you have to stay updated about latest movies and latest TV shows and if you want to know about the upcoming movie then this feature will be best for you.

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In the case of movies, this application is better than other applications because if you like to watch an English movie and you are a big fan of Hollywood, then this feature is best for you.

All new movies come in the show box shortly after the release.

Now you guys will say that there is such a great website where the latest movie can be downloaded, so let me tell you if you download those movies, you will get to see that movie but the quality of that movie will be bad.

But in the show box app, you will get a good quality of the movie.  You will also be able to enjoy your favorite movie.

Tv Shows

In the show box, you will find all the TV shows that you find in Netflix and Amazon Prime. The only difference is that Netflix and Amazon prime are paid but the show box is absolutely free.

In the Show Box application, you will find all the seasons from the start of all your favorite shows so you can easily see it. And you can not just watch them online but also download them.

And you can also put subtitle in these shows. You will find many languages ​​for the Subtitle.

Apart from all this, you will find features such as news, trailers, so that you will keep updating movies and TV shows.

I have given the download link of Show Box below. If you have any problems with downloading or using it then make sure to comment on it, I will try to solve.

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