Motivational Story

Motivational Story

Motivational Story
Motivational Story

Friends, I am doing such a tray through my blog, So that I can motivate many more people like you who can not tell their problems to anyone else.

But yes he wants to make something bigger in his life too. Whenever we want to make something big in our life, we see thousands of problems.I have come up with a new way in front of you so that I will be able to explain to you that the person who has been made successful in life is made successful by fighting his problems. Today I will share the story of some of the only successful people with you

Jack Ma

Who does not know jack ma, Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba. But do you know what kind of difficulty this person has faced in his lifetime? Nobody kept them on the job. He gave about 30 job interviews in his life time and all failed. He was not selected for any of the 30 jobs.

What position of the person must have been that when a company was not ready to give him a job. If there was an ordinary person in such a situation then he would break. But Jack Ma was not such a person, He never gave up and fought hard times. If that person had given up, we would never get Jack Ma.

Jack Ma's life story teaches us that never give up in life.

Muniba Mazari

If you consider yourself as unlucky, then your thoughts will change after reading this story. Muniba Mazari sits on the wheelchair because in 2007 she had an accident and she became paralyzed. After that her husband gave her a divorce. He spent the next 2 years on the hospital bed wondering what would happen next to them.

Anyone in this position, whether it is a boy or a girl, they will be broken. But this lady is not broken. And today she known as Iron Lady of Pakistan. This lady is  UAN's first brand ambassador in Pakistan. she Is the world's first wheelchair model.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If you are born poor then you do not need to worry, you only pay attention to work. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in poverty and grew up in poverty. There was a room he used to share with his brother and sister. They were removed from the school because they did not respect their teacher.

Since childhood, he was diagnosed with heart disease in which the heart beats very fast. Due to their illness, they were refused to run fast but today it is probably one of the best football players in the world. and he has also been a FIFA World Player of the Year.

M.S Dhoni

He used to work as a ticket collector in the railway at his time. If he wanted, the whole life could do the same thing. M. Dhoni, used to borrow bikes from friends in childhood.

But today he has won all the major trophy of ICC

Sundar Pichai

Sundar pichai bilong to india. Today, he is not just Famous but also does the highest paid job in the world. His parents did not even have the money to buy a mobile phone.  As long as he was 12 years old.

Sundar Pichai used to sleep with his brother in the drawing room of his house because he used to have only two rooms. But today sundar pichai is Google's CEO.  And today they are counted among the world's most powerful people.

Mr. Bean

This person laughed our whole childhood without saying anything.  Think of what this guy would have done if he had spoken.

He belonged to a middle class family and his father was a farmer. But today, he is one of the world's best comedians. and he has created the history of his name.

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