Ghost Recon Breakpoint Details

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Details

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Details
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Details

I got something super exciting to share with you. Today we are talking about Ubisoft's upcoming game Ghost Recon Breakpoint so let's check it out.

I am super excited for this game its look stunning. it's got tonnes of new features to boot. so in today's blog, I bring you guys to 10 things about ghost recon breakpoint. if you like my blog then don't forget to subscribe it.

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Release Date

First thing first so the million dollar question is usually in peoples mind about the game and the question is when its release. and we are lucky that Ubisoft announces the games release date.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released on October 4th which is only five months away so it's already in the door stapes.


This game is an online Tactical Shooter video game. Which is made by Ubisoft Paris, and has been published by Ubisoft.


In this game, Stealth has its own mechanism.  Because this game is like the sequel of ghost recon wildlands game, that's why stealth is something like that.

in this game you constantly going to be on the back foot. If you talk about the stealth feature of this game, then in this game you can put mud on your own body so that you stay away from your enemy.You can hide your enemy's body and hide it in such a place where no one can see it.


In this game you will find many gadgets that you will be able to use to track the activity of your enemy and all these gadgets will help you defeat your enemy.

UAV drone

With the help of this gadget you can find out the location of your enemy.  Because this gadget flies in the air and provides you with a bird eye view of the entire location.

Fencing laser cutter

With the help of this gadget you can easily break the fencing made in enemy territory and reach your enemy.


In this game you will see the character of ghost recon wildlands Nomad. In this game, Nomad will be seen fighting his squad mate Cole D. Walker

Now cole walker has separated from the ghost recon squad and has created his own trained group and they all run a tech giant company which creates dangerous drones and modern weapons.

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Overall, you get more fun in this game because in this game you will face a Highly trained ghost group.


When the ghost recon wildlands game came, it was one of the players' feedback that in this game the number of vehicles should be high and handling should also be good.

And considering this feedback, ubisoft has added 30 new vehicles in this game, and you can travel anywhere.  And this time the handling of vehicles has also been improved.

Overall, these game players will love it a lot.  Because there is something new in this game and all the shortcomings have been completed which you will find in the ghost recon wildlands.

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