Game For Peace PUBG 2

Game For Peace PUBG 2

Game For Peace PUBG 2
Game For Peace PUBG 2

PUBG mobile is one of the successful game we have seen in the last couple of years but today Tencent game has now shut down PUBG mobile in China it is the end of  PUBG Mobile nut now the company has launched new game today which is game for peace.


Game For Peace is the replacement of PUBG mobile which is based on antiterrorism theme. the theme you will see in the game which is around the Chinese air force. so basically this all thing happened because of the government requirement.

according to the Chinese government, PUBG mobile is too violent. and then Tencent made a lot of changes to provide a positive and healthy gaming experience.

when you start this game you will see few changes. The first thing you will is the all-new background. which has a military airplane. the menu also changes a bit and it has change in lot's of things in different menus.  Training mode is also changed and now based on a snow theme. 

The Spawn area is also different now you will see the air force planes everywhere. Now when you jump from the aircraft you will see tow jet around the main aircraft because of air force theme. the gaming experience is almost the same as PUBG mobile. to make the game more safe and less violent now when you shoot the other players they do not bleed instead we see the green effect and when they die they get up wave good-bye. 

There is one more change I have noticed that when you are outside of the safe zone your health will not decrease instant there is a new health bar which gives you approximately 140 seconds to go back to the safe zone. we can also heal up with this new item.

Overall game of peace is identical to PUBG mobile with minor additions here and there. the gaming experience, however, is exactly the same as the PUBG mobile. this game is only available in the Chinese language so if you want to try this game then just hit the download button.

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