Asphalt eSport Series

Asphalt eSport Series

Asphalt eSport Series
Asphalt eSport Series

In this article we are going to talk about gameloft company's asphalt esport series so let's start the blog.

As the smartphones are being updated and new technology is coming up, due to this, our phones have become powerful today, now our mobile phone runs heavy games too, so the gaming community is also updating and in today's era  Mobile gaming companies are also making very good games.

Because good games are also being created for mobile phones, so people now prefer mobile games because there were many games that were used to run in our computer but now these games have also been launched for our phones, and  runs smoothly  Mobile gaming is also going to be esport tournaments after coming out with a good game. For example, pubg mobiles is a great game, and the tournaments of this game also go on..  And in these tournaments, the price pool is also good.


Now all the game developer companies keep the esport tournament of their game.

Gameloft, a mobile game developer, is a very big company in the mobile gaming community.
gameloft is a good game developer company that makes good games for mobile phones.

All games of gameloft are good, but one of their game series, which is a racing game named Asphalt, is a very successful game series. If talking about racing games for mobile phones, then the name of the asphalt series will be top. Asphalt Games series, asphalt 8 airborne and asphalt 9 legends both of these games have been very popular.

And due to this popularity, gameloft has recently organized an esport tournaments for its game Asphalt 9 Legends.

Four days ago, there was a tweet from Gameloft's official Twitter account in which they wrote that they organized an esport tournaments by partnering with Xiaomi's black shark.

For more information, he has uploaded a video which you can see from the link below.

If you like racing games and you also want to take part in this tournament, click on the link below.

Friends, registration for this tournament has started, then hurry up.

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