Why time slow down near a black hole

Why time slow down near a black hole

Why time slow down near a black hole
Why time slow down near a black hole

Time is such a parameter that makes it easy for us to live and think about what will happen if our life time does not exist. If time does not exist, then we will not have a perfect idea of ​​when the day will be and when the night will happen, and in our entire day, time plays a lot more important role.

According to Newton, time is absolute. Time remains the same everywhere and in every situation it remains the same. Suppose that an incident occurs before 5 am in front of me, then for the everyone in the universe, this event must happen at 5 a.m.. But does this really happen? This is how we understand this. Suppose there is a blast. Two different people are standing 10 light seconds and 20 light seconds away from this blast. Whenever the blast happens, then the light will reach the first person in 10 seconds and the other person will reach this light in 20 seconds.

First real image of black hole

If you first ask the person when you saw the blast then he will say that 10 seconds before but the other person will speak 20 seconds before then who is right about them? both of them are right but how can this be? because if we consider Newton's law to be right, then it is not possible. because the blast for both of them would have happened at the same time. and both would see this blast at the same time. Because it was not happened, we can say that time is not absolute but relative.

If you are traveling in a vehicle whose speed is near the speed of light then the time will slow down for you. If you are in a field where Gravity is very high, then time will slow down for you. This is not just a blank fantasy but it is true that it has been verified several times.

Let's know about some of these experiments

After Synchronizing the Time of The Atomic Clock One was placed in the Earth and the other was inserted into the Earth's circling satellite

After a few days, when the timing of the two clocks was compared, it was discovered that the time of the clocks kept inside the satellite has some nanoseconds greater than the clock kept in the earth. Due to the gravity present on the Earth, the clock time on it also slowed down

So far we have known that time is realistic, i.e. different places in the universe can pass time at different speeds under different circumstances. Now let us know why the speed of passing time near the black hole is slow

Brightest thing in the universe

To understand this thing you must have understand about Gravity So let's first understand it. Albert Einstein told us that space and time were connected to each other. Which we call four dimension spacetime. everything in space time curves according to its size. If any object is bigger in space time, it will curve more than it and if any object is small then it will get a low curve. You can take the example of a sheet to understand it

Treat sheet as space time. Put a big ball on that sheet You will see that the ball is making a crater in the sheet now place a small ball on the sheet Now you will see that the small ball is making less crater than the big ball.Because the big ball has made a big pit, the small ball will automatically go towards it. This is what we call gravity In this example, the big ball that you call as the sun, and if you think of the small ball as the earth, then you will understand why the earth is rotating for the sun.

Now some of you will say that the big ball pulls the small ball so that the earth should be absorbed inside the sun. Actually, the earth is rotating for the sun because it has also distorted space time a bit Due to which its balance remains.

Accordingly, if any celestial body has more gravity, then it will curve space time more. If you talk about black hole, its gravity is so high that it does not allow light to come out from inside. In other words, black hole curve more space time.

I hope you understand why black halls slow down time

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