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What is longitude and Latitude

What is longitude and Latitude

What is longitude and Latitude
What is longitude and Latitude

Friends, today we are going to know about Longitude and Latitude So let's start today's article.

Friends, almost all the people must have seen the picture of the earth, If you have seen the photo of the earth, it will have seen a straight and crispy line made in it. Do you know what those straight and crooked lines mean, why such a line has been made? Today we will know what is the meaning of those lines of earth.

Meaning of line

The line made on Earth's photo is called longitude and latitude. With the help of these lines we can know the time.  We can get information about what time has happened at different places.

The people are confused with what the latitude line is and what is the longitude line. It is easy to remember it, the line that is lying down is called Latitude. And the line that is standing is called longitude. There is a difference of 111 kilometers between each line

What is GMT

You might have seen GMT written in the clock and also the GMT is written in the mobile clock.  So what's this GMT?

GMT means Greenwich Mean Time, Inside London there is a Royal Observatory called greenwich, The time was first discussed in this Observatory. Time required to make a fix parameter. Greenwich Mean Time was named after the London Observatory

India is at 82.5 degree Meridien, Dwarka of Gujarat in India and Dibrugarh of Arunachal Pradesh have a difference of 1.45 hours.

Asking very interesting questions in the paper, Why polar bears do not eat penguins? The answer is that polar bears live in the North Pole and the penguins live in the South Pole so they can not find both, and the polar bears do not eat the penguins.

I hope that you may have liked the information about Longitude Latitude.

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