What is the dark web

What is the dark web

What is the dark web
What is the dark web

So how are you guys Today, I'm talking about Dark Web. What is the dark web and how it should be used or not.

Dark Web is a web that does not open in any ordinary browser and if you have access to the Dark Web then you will have to use a high-security onion browser because the Dark Web is a secure web and people use it for stay anonymous you can do any work properly by hiding your identity.

Which browser supporters deep web

Friends, most people do not know the Dark Web because the dark web pages are like those that we can not access from our everyday browsers Like Google Chrome Opera Mini Mozilla Firefox. Because the dark web is a very secure web and its page will not be available on ordinary browsers. If you search the dark web in Google then you will not get it because you can get that page only on the TOR browser, that means you can get the dark web To explore or access, you will need a TOR browser.

pages of dark web

Now you have understood that the Dark Web you will not get on Google and the normal browser but do you know why this happens? Because the web page of the dark web ends on .onion you understand this way that our website is mensutrapro. Now you have to open this website, then you will put the .com behind it, then this site will open the same way The name of the page in the dark web comes from end .onion.

Is it legal or not

Friends, many people know about the Dark Web but they do not know whether the dark web is Legal or Illegal, then it depends on what country you live in. There are some countries that consider the dark web and the TOR browser as illicit like China. If you live in China then use the dark web is illegal if you use VPN, then it's also illegal in China.

Dark Web is Legal or Illegal Depends on your country. It is not illegal to use a TOR browser, but if you talk about it, then there is such a thing about the dark web. There are plenty of illegal jobs in the Dark Web. All the service is bought and sold by hackers, all of them use the same browser to access the dark web and they sell anything they buy from the stolen data on the dark web. So this kind of trading is illegal. But this does not mean that the dark web is completely illegal. Some websites are also where you can do a normal work like reading research papers, so you will find some research papers that are available and you pay back what you do And want to use the dark web for what purpose.

My opinion

In the Dark Web, things are available but they are dangerous and risky. I will not recommend you at all that you download the TOR browser and use the dark web. Because the dark web is not for everyone. There is no need to go to Dark for a normal user. Because it is a dangerous thing and the authority is also very much trying to control the dark web but do not do it because your data goes through all the loads in the dark web, and the user who is such a user is anonymous. The website is also anonymous. Even the server of the website's website becomes a dead end because anyone who creates a website in the Dark Web hosting their website in such a place where a local authority is also in their palm. And that's why this thing is working today.

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