Upcoming Tencent Games 2019

Upcoming Tencent Games 2019

Upcoming Tencent Games 2019
Upcoming Tencent Games 2019

The Tencent Games Company is known for its high graphics android games.  But earlier it was not when pubg did not come. Nobody knew this company before the pubg game, but when Tencent launched a pubg game, the company became so famous that if Tencent makes a game on today's date, then the game will be popular with the brand name Tencent.

It has been heard that after the success of the pubg game, Tencent games are bringing game by collaborating with a lot of company. So let's talk about the upcoming Tencent Games project.

1. Code Live - Survival Game

This game is a survival game that is coming from the Tencent game. Tencent has launched the trailer of this game, so you can see this trailer on YouTube.Friends, if you have seen PS4's Day Gone Survival Game, then this game looks something like this. And this kind of game is getting very popular in the gaming world right now

Recently, NetEase Company has launched a similar game called Life After. This game is very well-liked because this game is very good. But if you talk about Code Live games then this game is making by Tencent games. So the graphics of this game will be good and the storyline will also be good and because the game is created by Tencent games, then the game will be also great.

More information: Click Here

2 Crossfire Legends: Last 12 Hrs.

Friends, this is also a survival game and in today's time, everyone loves playing the game of survival. Friends pubg game is also a survival game and you have to survive in the last. This game is exactly like pubg and you will have to survive in the last.

Friends, this game is exactly like the same to the pubg game The graphics are exactly the same Guns is exactly the same The character was exactly the same. And the concept of the game is exactly the same. Friends, just the difference is that you have to survive here by the zombie. Friends, in this game you will also get boss Fight. In this game, you will get a chance to kill big zombies.

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3. Tencent Project - E

Tencent is still working on this game If we talk about this game then this game is made on unreal engine 4. And all of you know that the games running on unreal engine 4 would be very good graphics. Because this game is going to be very high graphics, in order to play this game you also need a phone with high graphics and specifications.

In this game, you will see the Japanese character. This is an action MMO RPG game some people do not like these games, then this game is not for those people but if you like games with Japanese characters then you guys are going to love this game very much.

4. Naruto Mobile

In this game, you will find the full story of the Naruto game. The complete Journey of the Naruto character will be seen in this game. So if you guys are a big friend of Naruto character then you will love this game very much

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5. Dragon Ball strongest Warrior

In this game, you will find all the characters from the Dragon Ball, and you will get to see the story of Dragon Ball. The graphics of this game are going to be very good. And we all are a very big fans of Dragon Ball.  And we all will find our favorite characters in this game we will get an opportunity to play with our favorite character.

Friends some of these games have been launched.  So I have downloaded links to these games so that you can easily download these games.

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