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First real image of black hole

First real image of black hole

First real image of black hole
First real image of black hole

Black Hole is probably the most powerful thing in the universe, but from the very beginning, it has raised a lot of questions.

Theory of black hole 

When two great scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking had given some basic principles of black holes, then people did not consider this principle.

There is no such thing as black holes and black holes are mere fantasy and if there is really a black hole then why is there no real picture of it? You must have heard such talks from many science lovers and haters.

As of now, all the pictures of the black hole you see on the internet and TV are not any real. This thing is true because all the pictures you have seen so far have been created by imaging all the black holes. And for this reason, many people reject the existence of black holes because there is no concrete proof or any image to date.

First real image of black hole

The people who rejected Black Hole and his theory had their mouths tied on April 2019.

As it happened in April 2019, that was a miracle for the whole world. Because the first photograph of the black hole was released for the first time in human history on that day.

April 4, 2019, Two of the world's largest telescopes were working their work. These two telescopes were observing radio waves from our Milky Way Galaxy and the center of the m87 galaxy. With these two telescopes, six and telescopes, together with the help of International Collaboration, created an event horizon telescope AHA which was the first to take photographs of black hole in history.

Taking a picture of black is difficult, and even more difficult is to detect black holes because there is no light of black holes because the black hole's mass is more than its size. 

We can do this in such a way that if we make our earth as small as peas and if its mass remains the same then that will also become a black hole. Because the mass of the black hole is more than its size, the black hole's gravitational force is more than enough, so much so that we can not even imagine.

Gravitational force of black hole

At the core of the black hole, gravity is so high that even the light can not come out of the black hole and there is no existence of time in the black hole.

The density of any black hole is the highest in its core. This we call a singularity. Wherever gravity becomes infinite there.

If you have seen this photo carefully then in this photo, you see a glowing material all around. This material is heated more than several million tons Celsius due to material friction and if anything gets so hot then it starts emitting X-rays. Which can be seen with the help of telescope.

Sagittarius is a black hole in our galaxy. Weighing about 40 lakh times more than our sun. But its size is so small that it can fit even in Mercury's orbit.

How were the actual pictures of black holes taken?

There are many things to take of a picture of a black hole, which is very important. The rays of the outer light of black holes should be so long that they should not be stopped from the gasses and dust clouds coming in the way. and those rays should be so long that they should reach the telescope without reflecting from the atmosphere of our earth.

The wavelength of this black hole was 1.3 millimeters, which comes in the range of radio waves. Eight telescopes present on the Earth caught the long rays of light.

Look at this picture, the gas that is moving around the black hole in the picture is called an accretion disk. And among the black holes, the blue color rays coming out are called jet. And the picture taken by our scientist. The jet of that black hole was pointing to us.

In the mind of many people, the idea might have come why this picture is so blurry? The answer is that this picture is a little black hole located far away. If you take a picture of a small item from a distance, then it will look similar to zooming.

Small means does not mean that the black hole is small. actually, its mass is about 6 billion 50 million times more than our sun. But due to 535 million light years away, this black hole looks very small to us

Perhaps you might feel that these photos have been taken just like this. The black hole looks in front and takes pictures but it is not true. This photo is taken in a very interesting way The maximum information of this photo could only be taken When our earth's orientation is such that this eight telescope can see it together and it happens only once in the whole year.

After its information in all the telescopes, it was such a huge information that its hard disk had to be transferred through airplanes.Then the information of those eight telescopes was picked up and boosted up. The information taken from all those telescopes was similar to a puzzle. From this, a special team kept calculating and analyzing it in front of everyone.But this photo did not appear yet After analyzing all the information, four groups will be created. and all of them worked on this photo for months and bring this photo to the best from the best.

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