Download Traha for Android/ios

Download Traha for Android/ios

Download Traha for Android/ios
Download Traha for Android/ios

This game is an online MMO RPG game whose graphics are very high. In essence, this game is not less than a console quality game.


This game is created by Nexon Company. The development of this game is still in progress, so this game is still in beta version. This game is a role-playing game, so all the players in this game get the chance to play as their favorite hero.

This game is so good that the game has been awarded the Editors' Choice in the Chinese app store called Tap Tap


If we talk about graphics, the graphics of this game is good. If we say that this game is a console quality game then it will not be wrong at all.

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Of course, the game is very high graphics, so there will be a reason behind it and that is because the game has been developed with Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine 4 makes this game one of the best-looking games.


You can play this game with your friends and you can make an online team and battle with a big monster. 

Because this game is like an open world game, you will get much more pleasure in playing it because the games like Open World in the mobile platform are getting more popular today.


 Now it is obvious that if the graphics of the game is good, then the same specification will also be required to run this game. So high graphics in this game will require you to have a phone with as much strong specification as possible to run.

According to the tap tap app store, you will need a phone with or more specifications like Samsung GALAXY s7 mobile to run Traha Games.

If we talk about storage then your phone must have at least 5gb of storage to run this game.


Because these games are still in the beta version, so far have not come to the Google Play Store, but if you want to download this game then Tap the Download button given below.

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 This game will be downloaded to the Chinese version just because this game has not yet been launched in English version.

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