Cyber Hunter for Android

Cyber Hunter for Android

Cyber Hunter for Android
Cyber Hunter for Android

How are you guys. Today I'm going to tell you about Brand New Battle Royal Game of Android So let's start the article.

Friends, there was much trouble from the beta test of this game till the launch of the game Friends, this game had come to the Google Play store even before, but after some problems this game was removed. But recently this game came back to the Google Play store a few days ago and this time with pre-registration.

This game has been created by the netease game developer company, which is a big name in the Battle Royal game. The name of this company is the record for making the most battle royal game for mobile phones.


If you talk about graphics then the graphics of this game is very good. Because this game has already been in the Google Play store and we have seen the game play of this game before.

Although its graphics can not compete with pubg, but graphics of this game can beat the graphics of the other Battle Royale Games on the Google Play Store.


If we talk about this game's game play then it is very unique, Though the concept of the game is the same but the game play is unique.

In this game you can also climb on the walls Which is quite unique. And such a unique game play was not shown in any Battle Royal game in the Google Play Store.

With this you will also get a drone, with the help of that drone, you can fall down slowly without falling on land. Guns and carts are also good enough. The parkour has also been mixed in the cyber hunter.  this game seems like fortnite and pubg have been mixed.


If you want to download this game you can download directly from the Google Play Store. or Click Here

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