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Basic Chemistry

Basic chemistry

Basic Chemistry
Basic Chemistry


The study of components and properties of any substance is called chemistry. The component is what is made of any substance. Chemistry is the updation of the physical and chemical properties of any substance. Chemistry is the Study of matter


Everything in this world is made of matter and Matter is made of atom

Information of Chemistry

Chemistry did not start with the term chemistry, but it started with Alchemy. Chemistry is the result of the hard work of 300 years of some scientist. If we start talking about Indian philosophical people, then according to him, this entire universe is made of five elements and merged into these five elements.

And these five elements are earth, water, sky, air, fire and all things remain only with these five elements whether it is a human body or the structure of the earth or talk about the structure of the Earth's atmosphere.  All these things are made up of five elements.


Antoine Lavoisier: They are called the father of modern chemistry.

Charles Boyle

Dalton: in 1803 Who gave atomic theory

Berzelius: Berzelius had told how to give names of 118 elements of chemistry.

Joseph Black: In 1754 he started to isolate the carbon dioxide.

Henry Cavendish: in 1766 Isolate hydrogen and even describe it. Hydrogen is a controversial statement. No Scientist tries to touch hydrogen and does not try to expose it as hydrogen is a strange element.

Carl Wilhelm Scheele: Oxygen was discovered by Wilhelm Scheele But the patent of oxygen is done by Joseph Priestley.


There are three main branches of chemistry

Inorganic chemistry

Inorganic chemical science means reading about the actions of metals and non-metals and their reaction.

Organic chemistry

We are made of organic things. Major components of our body are made of carbon hydrogen and oxygen.

Physical chemistry

If we read anything based on temperature or pressure

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