PUBG removes 6-hour restriction

PUBG removes 6-hour restriction

PUBG removes 6-hour restriction
PUBG removes 6-hour restriction

Hello friends, how are you all today I will tell you about pubg's 6-hour reminder, then let's start the blog.

As you all know, a few days ago, there was a lot of news in the market with pubg ban. And in many cities of India there was also a pubg ban. and one of those cities is mine too. I live in Rajkot city of Gujarat and pubg is ban on here. Besides Rajkot, many other cities in Gujarat have also been pubg ban.

Besides, there is a demand for ban on pubg games in many cities of India. due to all these problems Tencent added a new feature in pubg, which is a health reminder.

Because of a health reminder in the pubg mobile game, now any child whose age is below 18, does not play pubg games more than 6 hours as soon as he completes 6 hours of a day. There is a notification in your pubg game that this day 6 hours of playing time has been completed. Now you can play back 6 hours on the same time tomorrow.

Because of this reminder, players of pubg game were very upset because there were people who used to play this game for 7 or 8 hours of day. for these reasons, players of pubg game were bound to play this game, and the pubg game threatened to lose players, the same Tencent had removed this health reminder feature from the game.

It means that now the game will not tell you how many hours you are gaming, it means that you now have to keep your health in mind.

Tencent removed this feature so that their players could not be less and the popularity of their game remained the same, but now we also need to pay attention to our health.

Those people who play pubg games too much, that means more than 4 or 5 hours a day, they are spoiling their health by themselves because the pubg game is not bad; pubg game addiction is bad. Playing pubg is not bad It's bad to play more than 4 or 5 hours a day

It means to say that if any work is done in the limit then it is beneficial and gives the benefit. Other than drinking excess water, the person may die, it means that too much water is not good for human health If excess water is drunk more than a limit then it can cause death.

I want to tell all of you that play pubg games. I also play in But just play 1 hour in the day, not much.

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