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PUBG banned in Rajkot

PUBG banned in Rajkot

PUBG banned in Rajkot
PUBG banned in Rajkot 

PUBG mobile game banned in Rajkot. when I hear this news in tv channels and through youtube I feel very sade because I also live in Rajkot and also a big fan of PUBG mobile so this is bad news for people who live in Rajkot so let's check out a full report about this announcement.

recently police commissioner of Rajkot published a circular about the pubg game. in this circular, they have banned the pubg mobile game. whoever is caught playing a pubg mobile game, take action against him.

Act against pubg mobile

with this banned Rajkot police commissioner announce legal act against pubg mobile when someone caught to playing pubg mobile or someone file complaint against a pubg player then in this situation there are two types of legal acts are there and its IPC 188 or 135 with this act Rajkot police tack action against people who caught to play pubg mobile.

Way pubg mobile banned in rajkot

According to the circular pubg mobile is dangerous for the mental health and its cause for accidents and also this game is affected many students because the pubg game is a highly addicting game.

people are going to addict for the game so they have played this game all the time and when they play pubg mobile for a very long time without a single break its cause for depression and also changing behavior and loss of study.

My opinion

This is my personal opinion and I think that banned on pubg mobile is not a solution for the problem because this is just a game for entertainment and this game is not like a blue whale game and momo challenge game.

this game is a pure entertainment and this game is not responsible for any type of health problem because of Tencent release this game for the entertainment. but it's our fault that we play this game like nothing is important against this game so mainly our attitude is wrong about this game.

when we play this game for the limited time like if we play this game for 1 and 2 hurs a day then its pure entertainment and games also help to decrease your depression but if we play this game for a long time and a full day then its problem for you because when we cross our limits then everything is dangerous for us even if we dring lots of water at once then water also dangerous for us so every thing is good if we do that thing in the limits.

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