Jio vs Vodafone

Jio vs Vodafone

Jio vs Vodafone
Jio vs Vodafone

If we talk about Network provider then there are mainly two competitors are there and its Reliance Jio and Vodafone.


Vodafone is a British telecommunication company its main headquarters are placed at London Newbury. they provide a seamless network to the different kinds of states and countries. they are widely providing their service to  Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

April 2007 Vodafone bought Hutch company and that time Hutch is a top telecommunication company in India. biggest telecommunication company are bought by Vodafone and after that deal, Vodafone replaces hutch name to Vodafone.

Vodafone becomes India's largest telecom company. and they are famous for the seamless network they provide the best network it doesn't matter where are you because Vodafone has a powerful network and they give the best network experience to their users.


Jio is a most popular and Biggest telecommunication company that provides only high-speed 4g LET it means it does not have 2g 3g network they provide only 4g network.

Jio is a spin breaker for all the operators because while jio launch their free internet for 3 months people get crazy about jio sim because that time every telecom operator increase their data price. I remember that i recharge for 1gb 3g data pack at 250 Rs and it's not for daily 1gb data but it's only 1 gb for a full month so it's critical to saving 1 gb 3g data to full month.

Jio comes with data revolution because jio is a first Indian telecom company that gives 4g LTE high-speed data. While jio launch their service they provide it for free to first 3 months for testing and collect audience after that everyone buys jio sim for free internet. And jio gets a massive audience and subscribers in a short time it means jio succeeded in his plan



When we talk about speed then jio winner here because i have both sim cards jio and Vodafone so i experience both sim cards speed and i just notice that jio has a better downloading speed it's my personal experience and opinion.

When i try to download pubg mobile in jio and Vodafone then i notice that jio gains 1 or 2 Mbps speed and it's pretty good and when i try Vodafone sim in the same mobile then i got only 400 to 500 kbps speed so compared to jio, Vodafone is too slow.



Vodafone is a master company for the network because Vodafone gives you the best network at all time. If people buy Vodafone then it has only one biggest reason and its network.


Jio also provides the best network but i face some issue for tower and internet speed because of some time jio gives poor network and in some places its tower goes down so if you want an operator that gives you best network then Vodafone is best.

Both have their pros and cons so it depends on you and your need. For choosing best oprator.

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