GTA 5 Mobile

GTA 5 Mobile

GTA 5 Mobile
GTA 5 Mobile

Since gta 5 games have come YouTube has filled with such videos as how to play in gta 5 mobile

if you have marked, there are millions of views on videos of youtube which are nothing more than faked videos.

But I never tell faked news. Because I do not promote Fake News. If you want to play gta 5 in your Android ios phone then you have to wait 2020 because you will definitely play this game on your phone.

Google Stadia

If you want to play this game then it is possible with cloud gaming and not just this game but you can play all those games on your mobile and TV which you play in your pc.

You must have heard about the G-Cloud app This is a Chinese application where you can go and play games. This is a cloud gaming application that means you can play any of the pc games online with the help of this application.

But there was a lot of difficulty in this application because of the language of this application because the language of this application is in Chinese which is very difficult to understand. The problem of server is also very high on this application. In this application, you have to face a lot of difficulty connecting with the server and even if you are connected, you still have a very good and stable internet connection.

But now the gaming industry is so strong that new searches are going on.

and this is the reason Google launches the stadia. Google's stadia is a cloud gaming service. In this project you can do online gaming, the game that is running on Google's server will be mirroring in your phone or PC.

As we subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime Just like that, we have to get a subscription for Google Stadia too.

Now it is obvious that the subscription will be given to us by Google, otherwise, Google will charge us a subscription for running the game on their servers and we will be able to enjoy the google stadia by giving this charge.

You will not need any kind of high specification or a phone with hardware to play those games Because the games will be running on Google's server, you will only see mirroring of this game.

But there is one thing, even if you do not need a phone with a high specification or hardware, but you'll need a good and high-speed stable internet connection.

Just think that you do not have to download any of the games and you will not need to fill your phone or TV's storage even in one click any game will start. Just think that if a new game is launched, whether it is PC or PlayStation or Xbox, you can enjoy that game of purchase with a slight subscription to your phone or TV.

The gaming industry is so grateful that in the earlier times we used to play those old snake games in our mobile and today the games have been replaced by new modern games such as pubg and fortnite.

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  1. I really love this GTA game. You should share the valid download link of this game on your blog. Thank you...

  2. There are 15 multiplayer mod game game modes in GTA IV. PSM had a chance to play 7 of them. The standards of each game are dictated by the host.


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