Download LifeAfter English version 

Download LifeAfter English version 

Download LifeAfter English version 
Download LifeAfter English version 

LifeAfter is a Zombie survival game for Android and ios. This game is first released in chinese language and when i party it's Chinese version i actually can't enjoy it's storyline because of its language and vc without a story you can't enjoy the game but finally NetEase released it's english version in the play store. so let's checkout full article.

LifeAfter is a Action adventure survival game published by NetEase game. friends if you know rules of survival game then you also know that this game goes popular in playstore before PUBG and the game is also published by NetEase stop it's great gaming developer company from China.

LifeAfter is very good game is graphics also very good when i play this game in my samsung galaxy j7 NXT 32 GB the gameplay is very smooth and i enjoy it very well because of its story graphics and gameplay.


Gameplay wise this game is unique because it has many new concept for survival games you can kill zombies build buildings and homes craft new weapons and also earn new friends.

Environment of the game is also best. the ultimate weather system is good in this game you should feel day night cold and rain in this game bht is dynamic weather system.

storyline of this game is best i really enjoy the gameplay of the game this game is based on zombies and you should survive in the world that's fulfill with zombies.

you can also play this game with your friends because this game is also a social game and you should chat with your friends and make new friends.


this game has phenomenal graphics with details of the world this game is a great example for combination of colour and details in the game.

NetEase doing phenomenal job in this game. if you find a good graphics games  then it's a good game.

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