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What are some good blogging topics

What are some good blogging topics

What are some good blogging topics
What are some good blogging topics

If you want to start a blog and you are confused that what topic you will be chosen for your blog then today I will tell you about what is some best topics for blogging.


Health is the best topic for blogging because everyone wants health tips and everyone searches it for Google and if you are creating this type of blog then it's definitely possible that you can earn the best traffic if health is not only one factor because in the health blog you can write about healthy foods gym and other health types tips.

And you can get contents easily in these topics because today everyone needs a healthy lifestyle in this crowded and stressful life.


If you love teaching then you can also create an educational blog because in the 21-century study is getting too hard and if your interest in teaching then goes for the educational blog.

You can write about your own technics for sum and other subjects for exams and that's working for you because in this competitive world everyone needs the best and simple and easy technique for studies

if you write about easy methods of study and pass the exam then its give you great traffic not only from writing but you can also do video blogging

 you can also upload a video of your tutorial and doing video blogging. With your educational blog, you can open your educational coaching class is without any investments.


In the blogging industry, only one platform gives you unlimited money and that's an E-commerce site.

 yes because with the e-commerce site you can sell products by affiliate marketing so it's a combination of blogging plus affiliate marketing

if you have your own products then e-commerce website is best for you but if you don't have your products then you can also sell products of other websites and e-commerce sites.

 so you are an affiliate of the website that gives you a commission for selling their products on your website.

you will get money with per selling and that depends on you that how much you can attract traffic in your blog and how much you will sell the products and services.

in the affiliate marketing you can earn more money than ads because ads will pay you for per lick and it depends on CPC but in the affiliate marketing you are free to sell unlimited products and with 1 sell you can get a huge amount of commission so that is a very great idea for blogger.


Job is a very good niche for rank your website and today's biggest problem is unemployment every people who face issues and trouble to get a job with a newspaper and outside in the world so at that situation they turn their feet to the online world.

 it means when they fail to get a job from newspapers and outside they find the jobs in on online like job providers websites and online job providing firms so if you create your own job providing or job information website then you have definitely chance for earn money by your website.


This niche is my favorite niche and I also working on this niche because I love gaming so when I write a blog about gaming reviews and upcoming updates so I actually feel enjoy to write about gaming. So when you are enjoy writing then it's not work for you because when you enjoy something then you never feel that you do any type of work it's your entertainment.

I am an Indian so I know that in India gaming community is not very large then other countries like western countries and also China.

when we shaw a smartphone users count in India and android gaming popularity with PUBG mobile then it seems like the future of gaming in India is very bright.

as per the latest situation now every people are interested in the game in India so gaming growth in India is growing very fast so it is very profitable when you start a gaming website.

My final conclusion for what are some good blogging topics is to create a blog and choose a niche as per your interest

when you choose a niche to see other websites traffic then after some time you left that blogging because you don't have a passion for the niche because your choosing this niche to seems others blog and another side when you create your blog as per your interest then you never left your blogging because it's your interest an when you do something that you like then you actually enjoy it and when you enjoy something you never get bored from it

so I believe that you should choose a niche as per your interest.

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