Indian Smartphone Brands Failed

Indian Smartphone Brands Failed

Indian Smartphone Brands Failed
Indian Smartphone Brands Failed

We all know about Indian smartphone brands like Micromax, LAVA, Karbon, Spice etc.

When we go into the past in 2011 To 2014 then we find that these Indian Smartphone brands spread like a fire in India.

Android used to be very popular in 2011 that time everyone wants an Android phone because Android is going to very famous os in India

People were crazy for smartphones but that time only limited company are going to sale android smartphone at a very high price.

generally, middle-class families could not afford the price of a smartphone at that time

Because of that time big company who sales android smartphone they have not to face any type of competition and because of the lack of competition they sale those smartphones at a high price.

And people also have not an option to buy a cheap Android phone.

But that time some Indian companies want to create competition for smartphone industries in India.

When Indian smartphone brands like Micromax, Karbon, lava etc. Are launch their smartphone in India at cheap price people are now able to buy their smartphones.

Because the Indian market is a budget market and when someone gives exactly what people want at the lowest price then people definitely buy that.

So in 2011 Indian smartphone brands going to launch their Android smartphone at the lowest price for example when Samsung sold their smartphone at 35000 at same time Micromax gives the same type of specification based smartphone at only 15000 so it's a huge difference.

So that time people are starting to buy those newbie brands smartphones and after 3 and 4 years those newbie companies gets 1st number place India and that is Micromax.

Micromax is an Indian company in the past time they going to house for their cheap price smartphones so with us type of policies they sell millions of smartphones in India and gets 1 position in India at 2014.

Micromax got the first position in 2014 because of they give exactly what Indian people want.

But after that, a new player comes to India that's called xiaomi. and suddenly everything is going to change with it because of this company office much more specifications then his rivals.

the first smartphone that xiaomi released in India that's Mi 3 and this smartphone proved to be a big hit in India and after that xiaomi never look back and give constant hit smartphone to the Indian market and suddenly all those Indian smartphone brands going to vanish because they are not able to give a premium feature on cheap price. but xiaomi always keeping their smartphone price cheaper than others.

Now people know that xiaomi gives a great feature at the lowest price and no one can do this type of work that xiaomi did. so suddenly people are going to buy mi phones and no one can buy Micromax, lava, Karbonn etc

after the entry of the xiaomi brand in India big brands like Samsung. LG. HTC also launch their new series cheap smartphone to the competition. now people have lots of variety in brands and smartphones to buy.

and when VIVO and OPPO come to India everything is changed in the Indian smartphone market because when they enter in India they doing phenomenal marketing. they put their posters everywhere in India and when we go to the market then only tow colors arrive ahead of our eyes and that's Blue and green.

with the great marketing strategy, VIVO and OPPO also take a nice place in the Indian smartphone market.

now Indian smartphone brands are completely losing their identity in the Indian smartphone market. because of they unable to give people what they want and suddenly those brands who become a 1 position in  India they suddenly vanished somewhere.

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