Google Game Console

Google Game Console

Google Game Console
Google Game Console

Google Game Console in this article we are going to talk about googles upcoming gaming console so let's check out.

Google's upcoming console gives a huge competition to the current players in the market and that's Sonys PlayStation and Microsofts Xbox.

Google is trying to create something in the gaming sector because in the past time Google hires gaming developers and programmers for its upcoming gaming console. it is not 100% final that Google launches same gaming console like PlayStation and Xbox but it's only a possibility.


GDC means (Gaming Developers Conference) it is a conference where gaming developer companies and gaming programmer companies show their recent innovation, technology, Gaming Engines and much more about gaming.

GDC is the worlds largest game industry event, and GDC 2019 starting at March 18-22 total 5 Days event at San Francisco, CA.

Google books one slot in GDC it means Google ready to launching something huge in the gaming industry in GDC.


Google launches something related to the gaming in GDC that's ok but What it is should it is a gaming console or it's a streaming console what is it so let's check out the possibility about googles gaming project.


The biggest possibility of googles gaming project is Console. If google Release their gaming console in the GDC then its directly compete with 2 Big players Playstation and Xbox. so if Google creates a gaming console so it would be tough for Google to compete with PlayStation and Xbox.

if Google wants to compete with PlayStation and Xbox then they need to make better hardware and technology then currant PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Streaming Console 

Streaming Console is actually not a console but it's like a service. Streaming Console means a console that stream games online to your Screen so it's a service, for example, PlayStation Now.

 PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming service that offers you to play PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 if you want to play those games then you need to purchase a subscription like Netflix and its monthly and other types of plans gives you ability to play cloud gaming through  PlayStation.

if google launch this type of streaming console then its a good and innovative idea from Google because with this type of console google could not face any type of competition in the market because of PlayStation Now is still not available for all countreys so its great chance for Google to prove their selves in the gaming industry.

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